Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nitish Katara's murder - election issue at Bisauli

A piquant situation is unfolding at Bisauli seat of Budaun where the Rashtriya Parivartan Dal (RPD) candidate Urmilesh Yadav is contesting Vidhan Sabha election.Urmilesh Yadav happens to be the mother of Vikas Yadav-the prime accused in the Nitish Katara murder case.

If reports emanating from Bisauli were to be believed Urmilesh Yadav is making attempts to strike an emotional chord with the electorate going to voters as a harassed mother who wants to save her son-Vikas Yadav.“Vikas Yadav Ka Arman, Unki Maa Ka Karo Samman” (Vikas Yadav aspires to get respect and honour to her mother) is the new slogan that has been coined to garner votes for Urmilesh Yadav.

So far Urmilesh Yadav has been able to put across her point well with the voters and she is being considered as a frontrunner for the seat.A resident of Bisauli talking to this correspondent on telephone said he had come across advertisement of Urmilesh Yadav in the local newspapers seeking votes in the name of Vikas Yadav.

“Often she gets emotional and bursts into tears while referring name of her son to voters,” he said adding that the Nitish Katara’s murder this is becoming a big election issue on this Vidhan Sabha seat.There are 10 candidates in fray from Bisauli seat.

Others in the fray include the Samajwadi Party candidate Yogendra Kumar Garg alias Kunnu Babu who is seeking re-election from the seat. The Congress has fielded Shakuntala Moriya while BSP has fielded Lokendra Sharma. The BJP has made Prem Swaroop Pathak its candidate from the seat.

Significantly Urmilesh’ husband DP Yadav and the RPD chief is also a candidate from the Sahaswan Vidhan Sabha seat. Besides Bisauli and Sahaswan another seat of the Budaun –Gunnaur is already in focus as Chief Minister is contesting election from there.


prashant said...

This is very simple that if a powerfull gunda type personality comes into politics, everyone worship him, this is the kind of dream our freedom fighters must have seen....the same is very simple and clear, but due to the loop wholes in our system its taking this much of time....if this would have happened in US or UK then till now they would have got there punishment, but here in India, only money and mussle speaks.

This is a shame on Ram Jethmalani also that, he is doing all this to get some name and fame with good volume of money, where his family members are also against him. But at this age he is digging his own graveyard.

God will look into this matter and will give justice to these people.


The way Neelam ji has fought for justice is again commendable and also the way she has kept her cool has made her see this day.I am happy for the family and may Nitish`s soul rest in peace.Media has played a very important role in giving all of us justice and thanks to them once again.
I am sure our cases will give hope to all those people who are waiting for JUSTICE and who will continue their fight till they get it!.