Friday, September 21, 2007

Katara case: Final arguments to begin from October 6

The city court, trying the Nitish Katara murder case, will start hearing final arguments from October six, as it wrapped up the defence evidence on Thursday, in keeping with a deadline set by the Delhi High Court.

Additional Sessions Judge Ravinder Kaur on Thursday fixed four dates in October -- six, eight, nine and ten -- for hearing the arguments in the five-year-old trial and said the future dates would be given as the case proceeds.

Earlier in the day, the judge was apprised by the defence counsel of an application filed in the High Court seeking extension of the time frame but as the matter there was adjourned for Friday, the trial court decided to adhere to currently applicable deadline of September 20.

The High Court had recently directed Vikas Yadav, an accused and son of controversial Uttar Pradesh politician DP Yadav, to conclude the recording of statements of his witnesses by September 20, saying no further opportunity would be provided after this date.

The examination of defence witnesses had started on July three and the accused produced a total of 24 witnesses.

Meanwhile, as against its claim of producing five witnesses, the defence could today manage to produce only one, a record-keeper from a Ghaziabad court.

The witness, Sunil Kumar Sharma, had brought certain documents pertaining to a criminal case against Ajay Katara, a key prosecution witness, filed by his wife Tanu Chowdhry.

He, however, accepted during the cross-examination that the police had twice submitted cancellation reports in the case after finding no incriminating material against Ajay.


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