Thursday, February 15, 2007


5 Years…A Remembrance

Join the Prayer Meeting on 17th Feb. 2007 (Saturday) at New Delhi

Like the by gone era that never comes back… neither will Nitish.

He went back to heaven, although Nitish's stay on Earth seemed just a fleeting moment in time. But, his loving and resounding memories will always remain with us.

Five years have elapsed but the family knows their pain will never really trim down and what will remain will always be.

We remember, Nitish Katara.

Join in to pray with the entire family:

Day: Saturday,17th Feb. 2007
Time: 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Venue: 7, Chelmsford Road (near Railway Station), New Delhi

Show your concern, join us and united we shall finally achieve justice and bring peace to his soul!


1 comment:

Rodger said...

Hey've seriously done a dynamic job and am glad you took a wise decision by not stepping out in rallies and launching an online petition at this moment.

It already adds upto 1100 and still counting, but am sure you have the zest in you that nobody could stop you from taking it to 11000 also.

Good Luck to you!
We all are with you and so are we all united!