Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mrs. Katara speaks out...

Justice is late in coming and the process in itself has become a punishment. But Nitish Katara's mother is confident that she'll soon get JUSTICE. Even five years after the young executive was bludgeoned to death, allegedly by his girlfriend's brother, Vikas Yadav, Nilam Katara religiously attends every court hearing on the case. The verdict in the Priyadarshini Mattoo and Jessica Lall case has re-energised her for the fight. The entire nation is with her in this fight.
"I owe it to my son. He was a great stickler for justice,"she says when asked what keeps her going. Though she admits that the process is draining her physically and mentally. "I take each day as it comes,"she says.

Mrs. Katara maintains that she's not disheartened. "I am definitely looking at getting justice. A murder has taken place and no matter who the murderer is, he must be brought to book.
Jessica's case weakened because witnesses turned hostile. But the public and the media activism in the Mattoo case gave a strong push to the whole system.We need to learn from the Bishnoi tribe who got together and gave evidence against Salman Khan.

She attributes the problem to the system where the whole process of getting justice is long-drawn and where there is no protection for witnesses. "It is very easy to delay a case here and since money is important to sustain a case, the longer it drags, the more it goes in favour of the affluent party."The next date of hearing February 24.

We need to follow suit of the Bishnoi tribe..
We need to raise our voice wherever it is required..
We need to ensure that each voice is heard..
We need to ensure that Nitish gets justice...

And he will get justice!
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pooja said...

it is this faith of Mrs. katara that has brought the world together and the case has gained momentum..
her spirit is that of a true fighter.. and she shall see justice soon .

warm regards,
pooja shali

Rajuanandv_grx said...

I am sure Mrs. Katara will get justice. our nation is always against the I am confident about justice..!!

arpita said...

I would applaud Mrs Katara for the courage . She knows that she can not have her son back but still she us fighting. It is niot her battle rather the battle of the whole nation against the mighty & the powerful. She is doing it for us.
Thank you Mrs Katara