Saturday, February 17, 2007

Katara case: 16-yr-old launches online campaign

Anasuya Roy, NDTV

Saturday,February 17, 2007 (New Delhi):

It was five years ago that a young management graduate Nitish Katara was murdered in the capital.
Nitish was allegedly killed by a politician DP Yadav's son and nephew because they didn't approve of his relationship with Yadav's daughter Bharti.
The legal trial continues in the courtroom, but there is also a battle online. Young people are showing their activist streak by getting involved on cyberspace.
It's exam time for 11th class student Vindhya Malik and every now and then the 16-year-old takes a break from her studies to log on to the net.
Online petition
But Vindhya has no time for idle surfing. Her latest passion is to collect signatures for the online petition she has started for justice in the Nitish Katara case.
"Though I suppose the case is on track but I want to attract attention of people to the fact that it is now five years in court, till the case ends there is no closure for the family," said Vindhya.
Vindhya is also handing out petitions to students and teachers in her school and in just four days she has collected 800 signatures.
People across the globe have been logging on to Vindhya's website to show their solidarity with a mother who has been fighting a long and tough battle for justice.
Convictions in the Priyadarshani and Jessica case give hope to young people like Vindhya who now not only seek justice they want it without any delay.
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Sign the Petition For Justice in Nitish Katara Case @ - Petition Online

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Rodger said...

Hey've seriously done a dynamic job and am glad you took a wise decision by not stepping out in rallies and launching an online petition at this moment.

It already adds upto 1100 and still counting, but am sure you have the zest in you that nobody could stop you from taking it to 11000 also.

Good Luck to you!
We all are with you and so are we all united!